Assured Performance Network is made up of three organizations: A non-profit consumer advocacy organization, a legal Cooperative (Co-Op), and management company. Combined, they operate as a third-party administrator for consumer awareness, body shop Certification for several of the largest automakers including but not limited to Ford, Nissan, FCA, GM, Hyundai and others, as well as various vendor rebate programs. Assured Performance Network is the largest network of Certified body shops.

5 star business performance
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What is your rating and how do you rank

It is not enough to be technically capable. To maximize your profits and business value, you need to be performing above the competition and up to your business's full potential. The Assured Performance 5-Star Business Performance Program helps you set realistic targets based upon confidential benchmark comparisons, improvement goals, time lines, budgets, and action item to do lists.

Through the Assured Performance 5-Star Business Performance Program, you will chart a journey and have the assistance, monitoring, measurement, and coaching to reach the top levels of Certified body shop performance.

This program is designed to assist body shops in earning a "5-Star Status" by achieving top performance metrics in the business disciplines that matter most. Shops follow an improvement plan specific to their business's goals and objectives.

Target Areas
  • Financial Management
  • Production Management
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSI)
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Ongoing Certification Management
included with enrollment

Creation of an in-depth business improvement plan based upon a profile of your business's strengths & opportunities for improvement

Tele-coaching support, along with comparison and evaluation with industry "Best Practices" to achieve operational excellence

Benchmark comparison and evaluation against industry key performance indicators (KPI)


Assured Performance Network is made up of best in class body shops in every community across the country. These shops meet or exceed OE standards for tools, equipment, training and facilities required to properly repair vehicles to manufacturer specification helping to ensure the fit, finish, durability, value and safety.

Collectively, the Certified shops form a national blanket with a light in every community offering consumers and insurers a superior alternative to steering work through outdated programs such as DRP’s.


Assured Performance works with several leading Auto Manufacturers to identify, certify, and promote repair businesses through one joint-effort program. This approach eliminates redundant costs and duplication between programs saving time and money for all concerned.

Use the special status in your marketing, sales, and customer retention efforts. Over time, shops will get customer referrals directly from the various shop locator websites and other OEM referral initiatives.

Members Only

The Certified Rebate Rewards program provides Certified body shops who elect to participate with a mechanism to help cover the cost of Certification and a means to reinvest in their repair businesses.

Certified shops have several optional programs in which they can participate from OEM wholesale collision parts to rental cars and even on equipment.


The body shop locators above and numerous smart phone apps enable consumers to identify, locate and contact Certified collision repair businesses. These tools combined with direct consumer awareness, Automaker marketing and communications will drive consumers to Certified Collision Care Providers that meet the requirements and standards necessary to properly and safely repair their vehicle.