Assured Performance Network is made up of three organizations: a legal Co-Op, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, and a management company. Combined, they operate as an administrator and driving force for body shop Certification, consumer awareness, and many vendor rebate programs.

Assured Performance works with several leading Auto Manufacturers to identify, certify, and promote repair businesses through one, joint venture program. This approach eliminates redundant costs and duplication between programs saving time and money for all concerned.

Use the special status in your marketing, sales, and customer retention efforts. Over time, shops will get customer referrals directly from the various shop locator websites.

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The 100% Write Rebate Rewards program provides your body shop with a rebate incentive, consumer “Certificate of Authenticity,” and other exclusive competitive advantages when you repair a vehicle using 100% OEM collision repair parts.

The program makes using OEM parts even more profitable, and a better way of doing business.

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