If you could transform all of your past, present and future customers into card carrying members of your own VIP Program, how much better would your sales, marketing and customer rentention be?

The Assured Performance Collision Care VIP program is the perfect solution - a turn key program based upon more than five years and millions of dollars in development costs - that has everything you need, including a complete suite of marketing materials, a website to educate and refer vehicle owners ... even training for your staff.

Just Imagine All of your Customers as Card
Carrying Members of Your Own VIP Program

Collision Care VIP is a perfect compliment or alternative to an insurance DRP. It is a turn-key program that reinvents WHAT and HOW you market and sell.

Now you have something delicious and irresistable - and no one else offers what you have. While others are struggling just to service the collision repair that is driven to their doors by insurance companies: you will be positioned to effectively market, promote and deliver VIP treatment and peace-of-mind to your own burgeoning exclusive customer base.

The challenges facing the independently owned collision repair business require new and innovative solutions that enable you to take back control over your business and regain ownership of your customer and future. The Assured Performance Collision Care VIP program is the culmination of years of development to empower the best shops in America - only those which meet the APCC qualification standards.

By leveraging the buying power of thousands, Assured Performance Certified members have a totally unique marketing position - your marketing can be as powerful as any insurer. Collision Care VIP includes a complete turn-key set of tools and processes that you can use to transform your business, literally overnight!


From: APN All Communications
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Give your customers a VIP card for Christmas! Don't forget to send your customers a card for the holidays or to kick-start their new year - but not just any holiday greeting card - make it a VIP Card. ...read more

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A Revolutionary Program
... Never Before Possible

Nobody ever wants to buy what you sell - collision repair - they need it but they don't want or desire it. But, now you can offer something they do desire and value: Peace-of-mind, convenience, and care!

For the first time, consumers have an advocate when they need collision care. This unique position allows us to select the right collision repair businesses and promote them to the consumer as a "qualified" choice.

Our standars to become "certified" go far beyond "Class A" shop standards from other industry groups, and exceed the standards of all the major insurance DRP programs. Once your shop is "certified," you will be able to offer the Collision Care VIP Program to your customers.

Turbo-charge your local marketing with your special status and all the tools Assured Performance Collision Care provides. Your business now has even more credibility when your warranty, name and reputation are backed by a national network and consumer advocacy organization.